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Greenpharma is an Italian company located in Foligno, Umbria, the “green region” of Italy. A “green” company, both for the young age of its Director and her collaborators and for the typology of the products proposed to medical professionals, but especially for its innovative project, which let Greenpharma grow rapidly.

Greenpharma was established in 2009 as a company providing services for the pharmaceutical industry with several networks of medical-scientific visitors/sales representatives who promote drugs, supplements and medical devices on behalf of other companies.
We collaborate with important Italian and European companies who entrusted us with the promotion of their products, in exclusive in Italy, in order to provide an accurate and qualified information to our targets.
Targets of our information and promotion activity are medical specialists, GPs and pharmacies in all Italy.

The effectiveness of our results, which led us to an inc
rease of our partners, confirms our willingness to keep looking for new high quality products in order to expand our product portfolio. 

Our services

The services provided by Greenpharma by means of several networks of Medical Visitors/Sales Representatives are:

- medical-scientific information to medical specialists
- medical-scientific information to pharmacies
- promotion and sales at pharmacies

Greenpharma also provides:

- reports of the activities of Medical Visitors/Reps
- contacts with the main Italian pharmaceutical depots and wholesalers
- shipment of samples and promotion materials to Medical Visitors/Reps
- participation in national conventions and events

Why choose Greenpharma

- We provide a full range of services for the pharmaceutical companies
- We employ carefully selected Medical Visitors/Reps, all in compliance with Italian law requirements, who receive continuos medical-scientific and communication training
- Outsourcing networks of Medical Visitors/Reps and other services is a successful alternative for pharmaceutical companies for decreased management and personnel costs. Choosing to outsource allows pharmaceutical companies to focus on their core business
- We can provide evidence of the results our partners have achieved thank to the collaboration with us

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